Sometimes, I just feel like no one’s willing to listen.

Have you ever experienced talking and noticing that no one’s paying attention so you stop and just keep quiet? Well, if you’re going to look at it, it seems really simple. But then truth is, it isn’t.

Am I just being too negative? Hell nah, I don’t think so. I try my very best to just not mind it, to ignore the fact that whenever I try to talk and express my opinions, I always get interrupted and at times, shouted at. I tried. But it happened more often than usual to the point that I felt weak and oppressed.

All I had to do was to SPEAK but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Because I know that no one’s going to waste her time listening to me.

It’s just sad, ya know. It’s sad, knowing that even your friends are not willing to listen to you. Worse is that instead of trying to ease the grief you’re feeling, they would point out your negative aspects, and tell you that “you focus too much on the negative side” just to make you shut your mouth.

I wish I was so good at speaking that people would actually stop telling me what to do and what I should believe in. Because right now, it fucking hurts and I don’t feel any appreciation at all.

There’s a HUGE difference between trying to help by making someone realize her mistakes, and trying to help by CHANGING her, her beliefs, and her attitude. Because who are you to do so? Just because a lot of people rely on you doesn’t mean you can change them.

I fucking hate know-it-all people. I hate it when they use their “strong” personality to be able to tell others what to do and what not. I’m not being close-minded. It’s just that I listen to them, I believe they should listen to me as well.

It’s also sad knowing that people like me only have their blogs as their “ranting station” because apparently, your blog can’t make you shut up when you rant. It’s a bit upsetting to think that some of us prefer to write than speak because of the fact that we’re not given a chance to speak up our minds.


Don’t mind me, I just had a really shitty day.


10 Things to Do When Boredom Strikes

Boredom – noun  | bore·dom | \ˈbȯr-dəm\

:  the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest

We all know this feeling called boredom and sometimes, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, we just can’t.

But hey! It isn’t that bad at all. They say when one is bored, that’s when he’s able to do amazing things but he does not realize it at first as his brain is focused on the fact that he’s bored. I, myself, experienced that. I guess I drew my best doodles and wrote my most amazing articles when I was bored and not when I was actually being serious about it.

Sometimes, I don’t understand life. *sigh*

Now, I’m fully aware of how it sucks when you’re bored and you just couldn’t think of what to do. So I’ve made a list of the things that I do when I’m bored and I do hope these help you as well. 🙂

1. Write a blog. 

Oh come on, how would I forget about this good pal of mine (I’m pertaining to WordPress, lmao)? Actually, I created this blog all because I was bored, and it really helped me a lot. I mean, from choosing a theme for your site to thinking of what to write? That’s seriously very time-consuming. It took me weeks, believe me. But it’ll all be worth it, I promise! 😛

2. Go out and take pictures!

Photography is really something I’m passionate about. You don’t need big ass DSLR cameras, light equipment, or those photography stuff you see on TV (now, kids, not everything you see on TV is necessary for you to live). You just need a phone, a neighborhood without crazy neighbors (because you do not want them on your pictures, do you?), and ideas, and you’re all set! You may post these on different sites and let people appreciate the beauty of life through ’em.

3. Clean, you messy lil cutie!

This is also something I do whenever I feel unmotivated to do something ‘creative’. I organize all my papers, sort out my stuff, and dust my shelves. You may also do the same! You can sweep the floor, wipe the windows, do chores, and more cleaning activities. Isn’t that better than lying around waiting for the day to end? Be a monkey, not a sloth. You go guuurl!!

4. Sleep

Or if you’re feeling extra lazy (just like me every single day), your bed is just there, waiting for you to notice its existence. To be honest, your bed is something you always leave but stays the same every day and is willing to accept you for who you are no matter what. Get a man like your bed!

5. Read books!

Are you THAT lazy that you want to explore our world and the worlds beyond our world without the need to walk and go out of your cozy room? Read a book, bruh. No further explanations needed.

6. Watch: movies, series, vlogs, DIY videos, cooking videos, cartoons, and MORE!

I don’t get a chance to watch movies nowadays because our internet is limited and apparently, you won’t survive in my school without wifi so yeah, I use this thingy more for academic and educational purposes (because I’m that one RESPONSIBLE kid in the class).

If you have the same problem as mine, then go watch TV! I’m 16 and I’m proud to say that I’m in love with Disney Channel yes, yes, and Nickelodeon, and more cartoons! :>

7. Exercise. 

Come on, if you’re feeling extra ‘motivated’ and you want to have those 6-pack abs, then go make a fitness planner and start NOW. It doesn’t just make you feel better, it also makes your body look better.

And don’t give me that “I don’t know any exercise” excuse. >.> Go out and go for a walk, or if the weather’s stormy or something, do some squats for big booty.

Big booty = High self-esteem

8. Play games and/or sports!!!

This is one of the main remedies I use to cure my boredom. I play League of Legends, DoTA 2, Left for Dead 2, and more video games with my friends.

But if you’re not into gaming, you may also play sports! I believe you don’t need expensive and “original” equipment just to be able to play sports. So don’t give me that reason as well >.>

9. Make DIYs, and decorate your room with it. 

Does your room look too plain, or too messy? Why don’t you bring out your inner creativity? You can make calendars, portfolios, jewelry boxes, and those that people use to organize their pens and papers and more bedroom stuff! :>

10. Lastly, to those bored peeps out there, I would recommend ya’ll to do your hobbies and just be yourselves. 

Do not ONLY base what to do and what not on lists like this. If you’re an introvert and you’re never into sports, then you can cross that one out. If you’re an extrovert and you never liked writing or reading those wordy books, then don’t.  It is important, of course, to get out of your comfort zone and try things you never tried before. But then again, trying and forcing yourself to do something you’re not comfortable at are two different concepts.

The most important thing is to do what you love and love what you do. 🙂





Why am I so lazy??

Ah, finally, something I’m good at. 

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not being able to blog that much on the month of July. I have just been REALLY busy with school. And yes, you read that right. Most of you guys are probably having your summer break at the moment but I had mine last May and June. Weirded out? Me too.

I should actually be reviewing for long tests right now but here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, trying to make my blog site ‘alive’. (Because is it just me who thinks it looks dead and boring and not worth visiting?)


I put the pro in procrastination

Wink GIF 1

Surviving the first weeks of school is like riding a bike. You think it’s that easy. But then the bike is on fire and you’re on fire, and everything’s burning because they’re made of plastic. Yes, plastic. In the Philippines, we call fake people “plastics” because scientifically speaking, we all know that plastics are really bad for our nature and when they’re burned, they release this awful smell that can even harm your lungs. Just like how harmful the people in my school are.

It hasn’t been a month and I’m done with everyone already. *sigh*

There were so many shitty stuff that happened to me this July, but I’m just going to shrug those off since today’s the last day of the month. I don’t want to have negativity flow all over my body on the first day of August. Nine more months of school! *groans in different languages*

Now, I’m running out of time and I still need to do paperwork, reviewers and all those school shit so yeah. I’m ending this here.

I really hope ya’ll are having a great summer break! Friendly advice, enjoy it while it’s still there. Trust me.

I shall now go get some ice cream. Adios! 😛



How rude.

Annoyed GIF 1

I really hate it when two or a group of people talk about stuff that I’m not supposed to know in front of me. I don’t know about you, but I really find it disrespectful and degrading.  I mean, if you guys don’t want me to know what you’re talking about, just freakin’ tell me. I’m not going to get mad or something, I’d even thank you for being honest. It isn’t that hard to go out of the room or I don’t know… tell me to leave, is it?

Sometimes, it is better to have someone slap reality on your face. I would rather get hurt knowing the truth than be happy believing in bullcrap.

You see, I’m a very curious person and I don’t like it when I’m not able to know what I want to know about. And I know there are things that I really am not supposed to be aware of. It’s just that if you don’t want that person to hear what you’re saying then why, in the first place, would you talk about it in front of her? It just doesn’t make sense.

I sometimes couldn’t avoid asking myself: Am I that sensitive?

Or are they the ones insensitive?

I’m not sure, maybe it’s just me.

I experienced being hated for nothing in the past. People in my class just wanted someone to talk about and laugh at. And worse, I thought those people were my friends. I was too desperate to have friends I forgot to look who were real and who weren’t.

But hey, people learn from their mistakes. So now, I observe first before I befriend. (You may think it’s rude but it actually is very helpful to do so.)

Yeah, it sucks. It’s as if they’re doing it on purpose to destroy your inner peace and disturb your curiosity. But they will get what they deserve one day. Bwahaha >:P


Hello World! I’m Alive!!


Not me. I don’t want to be internet famous.

But if that means me getting a free ice cream from Baskin Robins or Cone Zone, then I might as well think about it.

I decided to create a blog because I’m bored. That’s it. I don’t desire to be “internet famous” as people would call it.

To be honest, I hate it when I capture people’s attention. Being under the spotlight makes me really anxious.

I mean, you can’t blame someone who’s been body shamed, bullied, and backstabbed just because she excels in acads. Yep, it’s a looooong story but we’ll get into that one it starts bothering me again.

But for now, let’s be positive!!

I will be posting blogs about random shit I find interesting at home or wherever I go. I will not be telling specific dates of when my next blog will be posted, all because I’m a very busy person. Yes, I do sleep 13 hours a day.

Please bear with my grammar as English is not my native language.

Now, here’s some cute stuff. Have a nice day!

Dumpling GIF